[VIDEO] Wiimote Driven VEX Bot

Here is some quick “take video before it breaks!!!” video of a system I have rigged up to drive a VEX robot using a Nintendo Wiimote.


I’ll release code tonight, I’m going to keep working on it a bit more.

Looks awesome! I can’t wait to see the code and instructions. Fantastic work.

As cool as it may be, that’s a Nunchuk you’re using. Have you tried using the accelerometer in the Wiimote? That would be even wickeder.

The nunchuk is attached to the Wiimote and I am getting the data from the Wiimote, so it’s not just trickery :slight_smile: .

I am testing with acceleration values, but I am finding that they are updating slowly through GlovePIE, so it’s very laggy and jumpy. I will keep working on it, but for now the joystick control is pretty neat.

I am going to go try it on a full size FRC robot now :smiley: