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Hey, This idea just swing threw my head… each day we are posting a lot of links to videos. a lot of times people look for certain videos… i was wondering what if there was a place just like the picture galleries and white papers… where we could find the videos or the link to the video easily. I am leaning towards this idea because at times i have seen a lot of FIRSTers struggling to find a specific video they are looking for which they want to use for their promo or to make a presentation with it. I would like to see all the Chiefdelphi Moderator’s input on this idea… Comments? :slight_smile:


OK. I’ll elaborate a bit.

Videos are big. Transferring them takes bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money.

But, if we were to, I would go about it the same way I plan on doing the image gallery search, which is going to let us search by team number very easily.

This is something the coaches and engineers on Chief Delphi will have to discuss. Maybe we could just keep a database of who played in what match, and reference you to soap videos. Who knows.

I think it’s a good idea. There have been times when I, as a videographer, would like to use footage or see how other teams shot certain things to collect info or whatever. I have seen a few videos, but often there are some that avoid my radar, and I think it would be good if we could showcase the videos so that people like me would be able to have quick access to them.

I second that one! I think it would be awesome to have a video archive on here along with the soap108. Maybe on this one the names of the matches would be more then just “QFM51” and actually have a name like "QFM51 45, 111 vs. 108, 237. Then it would be much easy to reference to.


Brandon, I never said… Upload the video on Chiefdelphi… if the links can be saved in one separate page… with a name… it would be great… :slight_smile:

Perhaps set up a bit torrent tracker on CD for all these files?

Oops, did I just break a rule? I guess this useful, legal tool won’t be allowed…

What’s wrong with Arefin? Okay where do we start…

You mean like on ebaumsworld where they have ltiitl thumbnails from the video representing the link?

It’s called SOAP arefin, we’ll introduce you to the team one of these days…

lol, seriously though. Whats different about your request and SOAP? do you want teams to have a place to put their own videos up? For one thing, SOAP is always looking for other teams to help. we have all the equipment and resoruces avaible for any team thats able to digitize their own event. Just contact us and we set ya up!

Btw, there’s a great feature on in the top left of the screen. put your team number in it, and it tells you what matches you were in. then you just grab those matches out of the movie list. I can grab all the matches for a comeptition in under a lunch period, and any drivers know exactly what I’m talking about.

would be great to have matches named with the team numbers … since when you go on soap its hard to find the specific match you are looking for unless you know the match number…

Edit: Can we request Soap to name every matches with the team numbers?

It’s not that easy. Those matches are named all by hand on the fly at competition. I’ve digitizied 4 fields at once. We barely have enough time between matches to get the correct match number into the file name before shooting it out of the capturing software to the FTP software out to the web server. We rely on the database of match = team number to be suffient. Drop the team number into the database search, pick the matches u were in you want to watch, download the matches.

Before anyone starts to think (i am pretty sure a lot of people did) i meant just the videos from matches… its wrong. what i meant was there are links to video’s that are being posted on chiefdelphi at times. for example, promo videos, prototypes that teams are making, videos which shows how it works… it would be nice to have links for those specifically…

I apologize if I confused anyone…

Seems like this would be a good project that could be implemented on the FIRSTwiki.

Just out of curiosity, what do you guys have running those servers? and what are they hooked to? dual T1? I’ve gotta PM you with some other ?'s