Videos available for download

Nasa has posted the videos to the kickoff site:

They’re down at the bottom.



w00t!! Downloadable video of kickoff… Sweet.

Thank you NASA!!

Excellent. I will be reviewing this extensively.

Kickin rad, thanks.

NASA is overwhelmed with the video… anoyone else have a mirror site of the video that can be downloaded?? Thanks



(I hope this doesn’t kill my website) :yikes:

looks like it did, its saying invalid URL

Mirroring as well…

Right now it only has the small Triple Play movie. Others will appear as I can download them.


$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#$@#… the upload is taking 10 minutes :frowning: plz wait?

Now, FIRST, just get that cool kick-$@#$@#$@# 2004 video up they showed right before the kick-off so we can download it. :slight_smile:


plz do not kill my website :ahh:

I’ve got everything up here except the GIANT 480 MB movie… but I’m working on that one. :smiley:



i feel really dumb right now but i cant get the animation to play on adobe for some reason and no matter what i do i cant play it in anthing else does anyone have it for windows media or something else i can play it in?

that one on is a quicktime, if you download that at or something it should work, it worked for me, good luck everyone this yera. :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything’s finally up! (The 480 MB one should be done by about 9:00PM EST, 6PM PST).

Watch them here: Feel free to download them (Right click Save Target As…), distribute them, mirror them, whatever. They’ll be available here as long as my bandwidth lasts :wink: The 480 MB one will redirect you to another site (my family’s site), because I’ve run out of space on my server.



I just watched my bandwith go from 5 mb to 170 in 1 hour… that’s more than I’ve had in the entire YEAR it’s been up.

haha well… We still have 7000mb + to go so KEEP DOWNLOADING because I can take it

I was wondering when and where I would be able to get these, thank you. Now I can watch Woodie make his bling-bling joke over and over again :yikes:

be careful what you wish for. as some of us have unlimited bandwith.

get on my site mike-site and click first documents. sometime soon I will have videos including a higher res full video, tomorrow hopefully.


170 mb. thats it. my Average monthly Bandwidth is 30-50 gigs. im a torrent Whore.

Thanks for hosting guys.

And Mike. you may have unlimitted Bandwidth. but

“You don’t have permission to access /firstdocs/d:/first2005/FIRST.jpg on this server.”

cant acesss anything. :frowning: