Videos from Grand Rapids

Anybody have videos from the Grand Rapids regional?

I would love to see our progression as the students went from a totally disassembled robot on Thursday to a fully functional robot on Saturday…

Are you referring to videos of your team or from the competition?

From the competition. I tried to go to soap, but I seem to be having problems getting into the movies section.

As far as i know there is no videos from grand rapids, i don’t think that soap was there.

Constanza got some videos but only of our team’s matches. Sorry!

Just so you know SOAP doesn’t play well with Firefox.

Ahhh… That might be a problem. Thanks.

We were pit mates with 830, And all I can say is “wow” your group never stooped working. I was amazed with the tear-down and rebuild of the Robot and the Booth that just kept getting more and more complete. Good luck at Nationals
Tom Cooper
Team 1227

is there any way we can gett some of the footage from first?? I really would like to give our mentor (Don Wright) some video of when from he won Woodie Flowers Finalist.

The regional had video hookups for the teams and I recorded Friday and Saturday Matches with awards. If you want a copy of Grand Rapids just email me,

Email sent. Thanks.