Videos of great driving?


My emphasis this year is working with the coach, student drive coach,and eventually the driver & drive team on improving driver training, drive controls tuning, optimizing scouting input to matches for the drive team, etc.

I think it would be useful to gather some links to video footage of excellent FRC driving in order to share with our driver candidates. Which teams in which years should I target? Thanks.


Team 1503 in 2011. Especially on Einstein. Example of what a great driver can do with a good robot.


Watch any video of 2767 at champs from this past year. Granted they were using swerve drive but their driver put on a clinic.


Watch 3620 from this year. Their CMP semifinal series would be a good start. Just incredibly efficient driving.


I’d probably say 330 in 2016CMP SF2-2.

If what I was told (what feels like thousand years ago) is true, that driver had been going for more than half a decade at that point, but it remains one of the most amazing examples of good driving (and recovery) in FRC to me.


Not quite what you asked for, but I cannot rave enough about the Drive Like a Falcon handbook that FRC2168 put together years ago, but the drills inside of it are still as applicable as ever. You can supplement it by creating additional “game specific” drills such as for last year, HP to Airship sprints, modifying the driver depth perception drill to slide to a stop under a touchpad, and extrapolating robot position while having a large object in your line of sight (cough Airship cough).

More in line with the question, I’m a fan of the 2014 Einstein Finals because they’re a great exhibition of both offensive and defensive driving. You get drivers racing across the field, instances of both man-to-man and zone defense, seeing teams flawlessly switch between playing defense and playing the objective, and some bonus games of chicken during autonomous as 254 faces down 1114.


My go-to driver and coach training videos:

Beach Bots in 2016 for their decision making and obstacle avoidance.

Simbotics in 2010 for their precision maneuvering, and also for their decision making.

25 in 2006 for their cycle times.

Very similarly, Spartonics in 2011 for their game piece starvation and cycle time.

Another similar vein, Bomb Squad in 2012 for their maneuverability and strategy(despite the unfortunate circumstances surrounding those finals).

610 and 1114 for their insane cycle times in 2013. To and from the loading station like bats out of hell, and that was really the name of the game. Those two just stick out in my head for their really impressive cycles, but there were plenty of others who could keep up.


y e s!

My favorite topic.

Have a super obvious 330 one, and then enjoy some of the far less known examples.

330 2016 Champs

It’s less the actual mechanical skill, but more the ability to think on the fly and resolve issues quickly.

27 2014 MSC

Hands down the best defense by a team with such a hard robot shape to play defense with that I have ever seen.

4476 2014 North Bay Finals

I’ve been lucky to have a lot of praise when I was driving for many moments of brilliance, but this by far is what I consider the best driven match of mine.

341 (2011) Quarterfinal Series

I can’t find video of this, but wow. Stellar driving from them playing monstrous defense.
1730 2015 (any event)

Some of the smoothest, most consistent driving I had seen from one of the most underrated teams for the entire 2015 season.

There are tons more, but that should give you a start!


**118 2013 robot driving practice


Thanks for sharing the Drive Like a Falcon Training manual.


Wow! Great response Chief Delphi community! Thank you!


Clutch + swerve: 2481 2017 Central Illinois Regional

Great synchronicity: 4039 and 4939 2017 McMaster Regional


Team 2611 the Jacktown Vectors were really good drivers you can watch them at Lansing comp week 4


My second year as a newbie mentor to the kids, and this match, which I watched live online, just made it all worthwhile. Very proud of my team.