Videos on Blue Alliance...?

Anybody know the mechanics of how match videos get pulled out of the live stream and stuck into YouTube for TBA? Sunday’s NC District event had a crazy semifinal (72 penalty points!). Saw it live, but I really want to rewatch it.

Events with the official webcast unit should have their match videos uploaded almost instantly. As far as events without that, it’s up to the event staff at each event as far as streaming and YouTube uploads go.

Following. I saw this match live, too, and want to re-watch. Crazy match!

I’m in FIM district but love to follow 1533 Triple Strange (prior boss’ daughter used to be on that team). They always have a good bot that’s fun to watch.

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This is the match in particular you are referring to:

This is the full playlist for Guilford County:

Once somebody goes through and adds the videos to TBA, they will be available there.


Awesome, thank you!

If TBA doesn’t have a match video posted, you can use the “Search YouTube” button on a match page to automatically search YouTube for that match. While this doesn’t always work, a lot of the time it can get you close enough to find what you’re looking for.

In addition, if you do find the video you’re looking for, consider adding it to the match on TBA so that others can also easily watch what you found! :slightly_smiling_face:

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What’s the webcast info for that event? I can run it through ReMatch if there are no official match videos yet

The videos have already been posted, and @Dezion was kind enough to link them. :slightly_smiling_face:

And this is why I need to be better about reading the full thread before posting something

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