What is the best way to put videos on my team’s site?

Make a Windows Player stream. Its easy for the client to watch, and buffers in realtime. Make sure your video files are not too big, or your host might block the website once it reaches the bandwith limit.

I think wmv files come out to be pretty small. I don’t know too much about streams but whatever you have make sure people can download and save it.

WMV, stream and don’t download. Which means that it will drain your bandwidth fast, especially if a person wants to watch it more than once. Your best bet would be a hinted movie, (.MOV) with an MPEG-4 codec (3IVX, XVID, DIVX)


A list or link to something you can actually download is what I look for in a movie site. I want to review the movie for scouting purposes (FIRST movies)… and anyone who knows me knows I have a lot of FIRST and non FIRST funny movies on my computer that I got in just this way… and… also a little program I made for those “non linked embedded garbage” movies.

first - offer the movie in multiple formats in a small resolution

I’d say offer in at least 2 of the 3 following: .mov, .wmv, .avi :slight_smile:

oh and just have lots of bandwidth :wink:

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I just load the videos in as .wmv files and link to them. This was you can download them or watch them straight from WMP.