View Log File... deletes log file

On the Diagnostics tab on the Driver Station there is a View Log File… button on the right. The desired functionality of this button is that it opens and displays the latest log file. The actual functionality is that it deletes the log file and then complains that it doesn’t exist. Anyone had this problem or know how to fix it?:confused:

That button has been in the DS since the laptop was used as a DS. Its purpose is to upload an error log file from the cRIO. As far as I know none of the frameworks default to having the error logs on. The errors are sent to the DS Diagnostics screen and are not saved on either the DS or the cRIO. So most times I’ve seen, pressing the button fails to ftp and then fails to open WordPad to look at the file. This is a different log file from the Charts tab, and that viewer is in the FRC Driver Station folder, but is not launched directly from the DS.

Greg McKaskle