View Non-Axis IP Camera in GRIP Desktop App

We have a working (non Axis) IP camera which is serving an HTTP MJPEG page which we can access in code via

cs::HttpCamera hikCamera("HikCam", "http://admin:<password>@" );


This adds the camera to the CameraServer, and we can see the camera stream on the SmartDashboard. Additionally, we can also view this camera stream by adding the identical URL to VLC. Thus, we know this is the correct address, and both the robot and our computer can see it.

When we use a standard Axis IP cam, our GRIP desktop app works perfectly. However, when adding this camera as an IP cam in the GRIP desktop app, with the above address, it does not show up. It gives some kind of stack trace, but we can’t highlight it because it spams the error box so fast, and the box is much too small to be able to see the important parts of the stacktrace (file names or lines), so we can’t get that information as to why it is failing.

We are using the latest GRIP (1.5.2) and our camera is the DS-2CD2D14WD.

Has anyone got any other IP cameras than the Axis ones to work with the GRIP desktop app? Thanks.

Please launch GRIP from the command line and share the error message.

Just got access to the robot again tonight. I tried to run the following in a cmd prompt and I didn’t get any errors outside of the GUI:

C:\Users&lt;user>\AppData\Local\GRIP\app\GRIP-v1.5.2-x64.jar -f <path to my .grip file>

Not sure what I’m doing wrong. The GRIP pipeline did load properly and I still saw the same problem in the GUI.