Viewing Google Code in netbeans

Hey guys,
I’m the team programmer, and last year used labview. This year I am planning to make the switch to java as I am in computer science, and know more people who can help me with java. I have been trying to find some code so I can look at how team’s write it and get familiar with some of the stuff.
My problem is getting the code from google code to netbeans. Most of the teams I have found have a link on the google code page that you have to put into something in order to see it in netbeans. Can someone explain this process to me?

Thanks a ton.

this will be our first year using it as well. we also used labview last year and have found in our off season that JAVA is soooooo much better.

this is how we have ours set up:

our google code page is set up as subversion type (as opposed to mercurial). on the source tab you’ll see the repository URL to your code. you’ll be able to get your password here too.

on netbeans, you go to the “Team” pull down menu, “Subversion”, “Checkout”. enter your repository URL, user name (email), and password, click next.

then choose your local folder. i recommend using something on your hard drive instead of some network folder because when you deploy code you’ll have to change your network settings and might not be able to access it.

(if anybody has any recommendations on how to deploy code without having to change the network settings every time, we’d like to hear. switching back and forth is kind of a pain)

back to the topic. hit “Finish” and it will do it’s thing and ask you if you want to open the project, say yes, then voila, you have your code.

when you want to upload a revision of your code back to google repository, use the “Team” pull down menu, then “Commit…”

Good Luck

Thanks so much.
I got it to work with your code from google code. When you said enter username and password on netbeans, what exactly does that mean? Does that mean my google account? I didn’t enter anything as I was unsure, but I would like to know for future use. Thanks again

If you go to your profile settings on google code, it will show the SVN password you use. This is the password it expects; the username is your Google username.

I’m the programmer on team 3673, and something I am planning on creating soon to make the task of switching network settings easier is to create a batch file to do it for me. This way I only have to double click on a icon on the desktop.

on the source tab in your google repository page (where you found your URL), there’s a link to get your repository password. username is the google account email that you opened the repository with.