Viewing Program Output

How do you view text coming out of Java programs on the Classmate PC driver interface? The “System.out.println();” command doesn’t show up on the “User Messages” box in the “Operation” tab. Help is appreciated!

Use the DriverStationLCD class.

If you have a separate development computer from which you are deploying your code, the output should appear in the console. Or you could reroute your data to be displayed by sending packets to the dashboard.

James D

where and what is the DriverStationLCD class???

I am running into a related issue. While trying to set up the camera I want it to display immages on the classmate and print out on a development laptop via serial cable, but System.out.println only sends the message to the NetBeans terminal. Is there a seprate command for sending messages via the serial port?

If you want to print to the serial port, you need to remove “NetConsole.out” from the ni-rt.ini file on the cRIO’s FTP server. You will also need to turn the console out dip switch on. The serial console runs at 9600 baud.

There is a super easy way to do this, run the NetConsole program. I believe it is on the classmate. I dont have one and dont know.

The NetConsole from LabView will work just fine.

That’s true…if you use the NetConsole client application, you can see the console output on both the NetBeans console and the NetConsole client.