VIMs Consent and Release Help?

I signed up to volunteer an event two weeks ago and everything went okay, except at registration their records indicated that I didn’t have my parents/guardians consent and release in.

When you go to the page to validate the consent and release the following message appears on the bottom of the page:

Participant (and the Parent/Guardian of a Participant under 18 years of age) has read this document and understands that this Consent and Release Agreement includes a waiver of the right to make injury claims that is intended to be legally binding. By signing below, Participant (and the Parent/Guardian of a Participant under 18 years of age) agrees to this Consent and Release Agreement.

Please select one of the options below.

This is followed by a button for

Ok/Close Form

Before my event 2 weeks ago I had ensured the “Ok/Close Form” button was pressed. However the page seems broken, as when you press it there is no confirmation message, the form doesn’t close, and the tabs on the left allowing you to navigate the page disappear.

I’m volunteering again tomorrow, and while I can have my parent sign it at the venue, it is really an inconvenience. Anybody else have this issue/know what’s up?

What browser are you using to access VIMS? I’m not sure if this has anything to do with it, but maybe the page is getting messed up.

Is there a box you are able to check before hitting OK/Close Form?

On the bottom of my C&R Tab it has the following next to a check box:

"Checking this box constitutes my online signing
of this Consent and Release Agreement.

Name of Signer:


Didn’t work with Chrome tried again with Firefox to no avail. I don’t see a box to check, nor space for date and name.

The only other thing I can think of is that, if you are under 18, your parent may need to fill this out for you through thier VIMS account, which should have been initiated when you created your account. I believe a confirmation email should have been sent to the parent/guardian email you input when you created your VIMS account.

There is one other thing.

If VIMS is working properly, you should only need ONE consent and release for the entire season. I can’t put mine in–but that’s because I did that months ago.

So, follow Red’s advice and have your parents check and make sure they’ve signed it. Once should be enough.

VIMS as a youth created a lot of problems for me when I signed up a few years ago. If I remember correctly, I just changed the parent email and they sent a new thing. I did this in 2014 and have never had to do anything with the parent portion again.

FYI - I know this doesn’t totally answer the question. The system is just kind of messed up and the youth aspect has even more problems so just wanted to point this out.

ALSO - try loading unsafe scripts in Chrome (shield in the right corner of the address bar)

I’ll try having my parent sign it through their VIMs account.