VIMS Probelm

I applied for several volunteer positions at several FIRST events on VIMS but I cannot find a way to apply at GTR. They have links to apply to American events but I cannot find a way to apply at events outside the US.
Anyone know who I contact to correct the problem?

I can’t see anything either.

I just looked at the bag and tag events and this is what is posted:

Week Five - bag & tag
March 31-April 2
Greater Toronto East Regional - Mississauga, ON
Greater Toronto West Regional - Mississauga, ON
MN 10,000 Lakes Regional – Minneapolis, MN
MN North Star Regional - Minneapolis, MN
Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional – Hartford, CT
Silicon Valley Regional – San Jose, CA

[email protected]
“I’d like to report an issue” in subject line.

LOL. I took a look at the account I have had since ?2004? but got this message.
>>These credentials have been used and no longer exist.<<

I think I will wait a few months.

The FIRST Volunteer and IT offices are working to track down any issues on the VIMS. Be sure to let them know if you have any problems while signing up.