VIMS registration is open for 2016 Championships

Yeah, I’ve already registered. Look forward to seeing everyone there again next year.

I sogned up a couple of weeks ago.
Strangely they don’t list Co-ordinator of the Can o Worms which is what I ended up doing last year.

I also signed up a month ago.
In for:
World Championships
1 Indiana District event (so far)
2 FLL Indiana District events
1 Indiana State FLL Championship

Yup, 2 Districts (UMD/NEU) + CMP this year. Decided I wanted to compete with my team a little bit.

I think I’m also on the docket for some FLL volunteering this December.

Didn’t they change that role to Mouse Maze Master this year?

That role is not listed because the position has been filled.

Your link is not working at my side any other source to registration ?

Go to, and navigate to Volunteers > Volunteer Registration (VIMS).

It’s not a direct link to the championship event, but you can apply to whatever events you want.

On the docket for Mt. Olive MAR District Event (week 1), NYC Regional (week 2), FIRST Chesapeake DCMP (week 6), and CMP (hopefully ref’ing at all)!

Also a number of FTC events locally here in NYC - like 5 of them(!). I’m a FIRST-aholic :smiley: (and I just started event volunteering last year, though I’ve been a mentor for longer)

Can’t wait! :slight_smile: