Dear fellow FIRST members,

I have been experiencing problems with trying to register for a VIMS (Volunteer Information Matching System) account in order to help out at a local district event. I have followed the directions correctly. After activating my account I try to log back in, but it keeps saying “Email does not exist” or “Invalid username/password”. :confused::yikes: Have you ever experienced a problem with it? If so were you able to find a solution? I could really use some help. I sent an email to the FIRST headquarters about it and I’m waiting for a response. :confused:

VIMS was having some hiccups yesterday - but I think it’s all up and running again. Did you email

It’s still giving me the same issues. UGH! :mad: :eek: :frowning:

I’ve had some issues with it in the past… I would recommend trying to contact a volunteer coordinator directly if you can.

I just emailed them. I hope they have time to read my email.

I already have. They told me to contact someone at headquarters.