Vintage H.O.T. Videos

Last year I was going through some of HOT’s videos from our 10 year history.
I found this video that was put together, by the GM Communications Support Group, after our first season of competition, 1997, for promotional and team starting purposes.
I had to edit out a phone number at the end of the video for contacting GM about our team. Who knows who’s number that is anymore. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thought you guys would enjoy it! :slight_smile:

Not bad! I particularly enjoyed the last ten seconds or so of the video…could the narrator be psychic?

I don’t know, but it seems so in hindsight! :yikes:

67 started out as 47, interesting. The '97 Rookie All-Star shared the eventual number of the '97 Chairman’s winner. Eerie Music

Gah! Mr Sweirkos looks so young! Thanks for sharing Pat, that was cool

Yeah it is interesting that they started as 47, but the video was very good. It reminds me of the ones that we did back then. Especially when we are looking at them when we do the hall of fame video. :slight_smile:

I’ve got another old video!
This one is long: 1 hour 30 some odd minutes!
It’s raw footage that our videographer took documenting our first regional competition; the 1997 Motorola Midwest Regional. It’s a lot of HOT, but a lot of everyone else and the event as a whole as well. It’s great to watch just to see how things were back then.

A few things of notice:
All of the awesome 1997 robots and teams.
Dean not in his signature denim! :ahh:
A very familiar Wildstang mentor at inspection at 6 minutes, 30 seconds
Dan Gee as a HOT mentor (Now on Frog Force. Another coincidence?!) :yikes:
Walt Hickok in charge of strategy?! Scary… :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone see anything else of interest?

I like the kid who is dancin at the beginning