VIP Dinner Presentation

Does anyone have a link to the recording of the VIP dinner that was Friday night? If not the whole presentation, specifically then the news clip that was shown about “The Little Robot That Could” team. I want to show my team that clip to give them inspiration for the coming years.

The video: Little Red Robot That Could

Adam, Vince,

here is the link:

the link above is broken

Vince - is the showcase dinner recorded in its entirety ?

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“Determination beats ability every time.”

That was the quote I was looking for. Thanks Ed.

During the 5 years I spent as Senior Mentor for FIRST in Maryland, I showed this clip dozens of times. It was always very effective as a conversation starter at presentations. For many years it was included on the “FIRST compilation reel”, but was removed a few years ago. I held on to my old copy to keep showing.

It was thrilling to see the students 10 years later and to hear their story!