Virginia FIRST Robot Rumble


Who went?
How is it going?
Do you like it?
Any comments about the Robot Rumble?

Team 1123 has been at the rumble since Friday, and we are having a wonderful time. I recommend this for everyone next year. Also the State Fair, (Where it’s being held) is truly a sight to see.


wow! what a great regional so far! i love that there are so few teams that you get 15 qualifying matches in which to put rookies in the dirivers seat, while still letting some veterans take the wheel, but with enough teams to make it competititive. the pits and everything is kinda squiched, but it is the state fair and they are pressed for space.

i think its being run very well, and is being run ver efficiently. i really hope the fair is willing to hold it again next year, and if it all goes good and they see what a crowd its drawn, they might give us part of a bigger space.

It’s an off season, so not a real regional.

I’d love to hear how this went, I knew RVA has been trying to get an off season for ages now and I was starting to get pessimistic about it ever happening. I’d love to see pics & video!

Sadly 116 couldn’t be there (this is our homecoming weekend). Hope everything went well.

Hi folks…

I wanted out team to go (1610) for one we were this years VCU winners
and for two the kids need some off season experiance to keep them up to speed. Oh well…maybe next year.


Yes, I was there yesterday, and it was a grueling event alright, lots of running time for everyone. Really pushed the endurance of the robots I’d say, there were always lots of 'bot parts and ceiling tiles :slight_smile: on the floor after some matches. Great for the spectators because you could get nice and close to the field! I just got word, here is how it ended:

Event Winners:

Team 510 (1st seed) Qimonda, Richmond & Highland Springs Tech Center High School

Team 122 the “NASA Knights”

Team 384 “Sparky”

Event Finalists:

Team 1731 “NASA Fresta Valley Robotics”

Team 339 “Rappahanock Robotics”

Team 975 “James River High School”

Thanks to ALL the teams who made it out to this event!!! Why not send a word of praise to Mike Wade and the good folks that made this possible at our Virginia Fair!!!

Thanks for sharing the winners to those of us who couldn’t make it down. And of course congratulations to 512, 122, and 384!
And a special congratulations to 1731 on completing an incredible rookie year (#1 seed at VCU, VCU SFs, and VaRR Finalist). Cool to see one of 116’s “grandchildren” teams doing so well (we mentored the team that mentored them :wink: )

it was a lot of fun, i just got back a little while ago, sadly we got killed during the semi-finals due to the use of autonomous without encoder. I definately hope it comes back next year

I had a blast! I actually wasn’t aware that team 339 made it to finals…when I had to leave, we had just been eliminated from the semi-finals with a pretty busted robot. Did we get picked from the ‘corral’? Sweet. All the teams got to know each other really well due to us being four teams to a pit. It made it easier to borrow tools, I guess. I also noticed more ramming and less penalties than usual. Maybe rookie drivers and refs? Who knows. Either way, I love any FIRST-related activity! :smiley:

We also ran the elims a bit differently. We ended up with 3 teams not showing because of raining closing enough roads they couldn’t get there! 23 teams doesn’t divide by 8 very well…

We picked 1->8, 8->1. Serpentine
The top 8 could not pick each other.
You could decline one invitation, and one only.

As you may have noticed, the top seeded team only got one pick. We dealt with that by running the 4th seed vs 5th seed and 3rd vs 6th first. The losing teams formed the bull pen that the top seed could choose from AND that other teams could PICK from if one of their robots broke.

I really liked how the selection went with the serpentine and no picking amoung the top 8.

I had a really fun time at the fair.


I was there yesterday … what an event… It was one of the best competitions ever… the gracious professionalism was thru the roof… my team (540) were ranked 8th so we picked teams for our 1/4 final alliance … before the match Deep- Run ( 1086 ) lent me (540) a dremel to cut tread in our alliance bot ( 610) … it dosent get better than that. My team got the Most promising Rookie drive team award… Way to go Robert. the driving was amazing Robert did stuff we didnt think was possible. I really hope to see this event next year

Did anyone at the competition take pictures? Can someone post a few on CD or give a link to the website they’re hosted at? thanks


Some photos are already available on . More photos are coming along with videos, awards, and scores!

Do you mean 1610? But they said they didn’t attend earlier in this thread. And 610 is Canadian (and would have most likely been one of the top few seeds at this event), so I doubt they were there either.

sorry i think it was 614

I believe it was 617.

540 lead the 8th seeded alliance with 1541 and 617.


Our team went down for the State Fair thing. The bot flipped 8 times during competition and broke the launcher/w camera. We scored some points in the low goals though.

All this week has been devoted to repairing the launcher for a fundraising meeting with Micron/SAIC this thursday (and it’s still not fixed :frowning: ).

The competition was alot of fun though from what I heard.