VIRT-1000 Freshmen project - 1st break

This is the project of one of our freshmen. She calls it the VIRT-1000 (Vjosa - hername impact resistance tester.) Its a device to test how much the 3d printed part resists impact. Its almost finished needs a Scale printed and mounted to read it and an Arrow to get stuck where it stops rising

This was PLA with 2 perimeters - so it hardly gave any resistance. The Nylon piece we tested later had the hammer bounce off of it. It will also be used to test the importance of layer orientation. It was her first attempt at inventor. Rules were only a little HIPS available otherwise she could use whatever was lying in the “Junk heap” and of course one hammer that has a hole in the handle now. So lesson from today needs a little more bracing besides the scale to read the info off of and its a little too thick for most of our Vices to clamp it down to the table and it needs a release mechanism to always release it the same way so we can do some actual science and get some valid Data.

I’d love to build one of these. Right now I rely on freshmen banging stuff with hammers. Needless to say, it tends to give the result of a destroyed part.

The lack of eye protection is giving me a safety headache.

Yes eventually there will be an enclosure. But she was dying to see it break something

We will post the 3d printed parts even though they are quite simple but understand 3 Months ago she did not know what Inventor was or the difference between a phillips screwdriver and regular one. Things like that are part of the freshmen training she wants to be on the robot design (engineering) team so there is lots to learn she has come a long way. But some parts like the bearings on top have already been released its an example of us printing bearings and an opportunity to teach things like "What exact diameter should the race be to give you at least 2mm material on each side and allow an integer number of 4mm bearing balls with a .1mm spacing complete the bearing

Hmmm… I think I see a training opportunity here…


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