Virtual Chairman's Exchanges 2020

Many regionals host Chairman’s Exchanges to give teams a chance to practice their presentations, ask questions of each other, and learn from each other’s experiences. In wake of the 2020 Season being suspended, Team Neutrino is partnering with other teams to host Virtual Chairman’s Exchanges to provide teams that same opportunity in these trying times.

Below is a list of all the exchanges happening, their dates, and a form to sign up for each exchange. Attendance is limited to six presenting teams and a total of 100 participants for the sake of time and call quality, so sign up soon! Teams are invited to watch, present, and ask questions at the exchanges. We ask that each individual that wants to attend to fill out the form (i.e. instead of one person signing their team up to present, we ask that each presenter must fill out the form).

If you would like to run your own exchange you can also apply to be a session host here. If you would like to sign up for an existing session, including the one we are hosting on April 4th, please sign up below. We’ll see you there!

Scheduled Sessions, as of right now:

3928’s Virtual Chairman’s Exchange hosted by Claudia Murphy
Saturday, April 4th from 1:00-3:00pm CST. Sign up here.

FIN Virtual Chairman’s Exchange hosted by Renee M. Becker
Monday, April 13 from 7:30-9:30pm EST. Sign up here.

As more sessions get scheduled we will update our website,, with the information for those sessions.

If you have any questions about the Virtual Chairman’s Exchange please reach out to us either in this thread or by email at, and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


254’s motion planning and vision presentations and 971’s series on control systems and their season recaps