Virtual Game Design Challenge 2021

With the recent post from HQ about the Game Design Challenge, will teams be allowed to submit past games? Past Cadathon games? What do you guys think? First’s explanation seems fairly vague to me so I would presume they would give us more information on the kickoff. I am just curious about what other teams are thinking about this right now. The part from the Blog I am referencing is pasted below.

" The Game Design Challenge will allow registered teams to design their own FIRST Robotics Competition game using real-world, virtual, or hybrid design elements, and compete for judged awards. Winning concepts will be considered for use in future official games."

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Did you forget how terrible 2014 was early in the season?

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But this time there would be no refs to argue about.


Do we also get to write the secret ref manual?


And release it to the public? No, we couldn’t do that.

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I’m sorry, I can’t hear you over this synchronized Mammoth auton


I also haven’t forgotten how important field reset, refs and FTAs were either.


I would like to propose changing the game slightly to Ariel Assist:

  1. Water game
  2. Keeps Didney sponsorship money going

I would really love to see 2014 played with today’s COTS resources. With swerve being much more main stream and accessible for mid teir teams, I think it would drastically impact strategy.


Are we going to include the gates that fall on the field and get stuck under robots during playoffs? Asking for a friend. Only cost a handful of teams a Regional win and trip to Champs.

Not still bitter after 6+ years…

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Well now we can make our own game and chose if we want that or not :stuck_out_tongue:

Throw on the secret endgame we never got and you’ve got a deal!


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