Virtual Kick Off plans

We are working on our plans for the 2021 Virtual Kickoff and are curios how other teams plans are coming along. Ours will be 100% virtual this year. In the past we have been able to have a showcase and Q&A for potential new recruits prior to the broadcast live and in our workshop. We are discussing ways to continue this tradition virtually but on a shorter time frame as we are concerned about keeping everyone’s attention. Additionally we are launching our new discord server and planning on having the viewing of the twitch stream via this platform. Mostly due to bandwidth. Are there other teams who have used Discord for this type of activity? How has it worked for you? Please share your ideas for a successful virtual kick off. The feedback would be most appreciated.


I’ll be hosting a Zoom session for my team during Kick-off. We have a district broadcast beforehand, so I’ll be streaming that over the Zoom by screen sharing (I’m a teacher as well as the mentor, so I have a whole dual-monitor + camera + mic + broadband rig tuned for doing things like that.) The I’ll be streaming the Kick-off broadcast itself the same way, followed by the district’s afternoon discussion session and my own team’s discussion of how we’ll adapt to the rule changes for this year. We’ve already been through our recruitment phase back in the Fall, with our school’s club day (virtual) and Zoom sessions for training, design, and even some (very limited and carefully managed) in-person work sessions since then. We’ve never depended on Kick-off for bringing in the new team members, that’s always happened months beforehand.


We are experimenting too… Following the kick-off streaming, we will use Discord as well and get the team in small sub-groups of around 6-8 students + few alum/mentors to brainstorm the diverse aspects brought during the kick-off streaming one at a time. Each sub-group will summarize their suggestions, present to the whole team, and then will go to the next topic. (We usually try to get the quieter kids to present). We are still finalizing how long this will be. Shorter for sure than our usual normal kick-offs. At the end, we will keep mentors and student leads to strategize what to put our attention on for the rest of the season.


We’re hosting a virtual kick off in place of our usual live kick off - ROBOTICON Infinite Recharge Part Deux Livestream Kick Off Event – January 9 at 11:30am | ROBOTICON - We’re inviting teams, coaches and mentors to be part of the livestream, along with some special guests and hope the event inspires conversation, idea sharing and sense of fun and community, despite the virtual nature of the kick off.

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