Virtual Kit of parts help!

I have the new inventor 7 and I am trying to open some of the virtual kit of parts files. I am getting an error that reads “database schema is newer than this version of the software.” What is going on. Isnt inventor 7 the newest version?

Apparently not, apparently our swift thinking friends at autodesk inventor made the parts in Autodesk Inventor 8. I know, it’s really helpful isn’t it?

P.S. You can find some parts and info on this in the Inventor/Cad Forum

is FIRST going to give us version 8 so we can open “their” parts?

If you have Inventor 6, they open fine. Well they did for me anyway. Good luck. I just wish they would have put the 12.5 inch Skyway wheels in there and not last years 9 inch wheels.

most parts open fine but not all. Try the cable harness one

We’ve had the same problem, though as far as I can tell, the only file that won’t open is the 12.5" pneumatic wheel, which is really annoying because that’s the one part I need most at this point. Anyhow, since we don’t have Inventor 6, what do you recommend we do? Do you know if FIRST is going to upload new files of the correct version? has it and it works in 5

What about the chain. I was really looking forward to using it