Virtual KOP - Cubify Software

Has anyone figured out how to download the Cubify Software using the PDV codes?

Nope i haven’t. I’ve been looking for a way to download them. The only thing i saw was to buy it or a trail version.

From what I understand. They aren’t PDV codes, they are serial numbers for the software.

So you download the trial versions of the cubify software and then use the codes in TIMS to activate the software.

But I haven’t done it yet. I can’t see a real big advantage to switch to Cubify when we have spent all this time training on SolidWorks.

The purpose of Cubify isn’t for CADding your whole robot like Solidworks, Inventor, or CREO, but primarily for use with Cube 3D printers.

Yes - this is how it works…I figured it out. Download the free trail then use the codes to activate “permanently”.

The “Invent” program has an interface much like Solidworks, and uses a lot of similar techniques…I may use it as a pre-CAD training tool, since not many members of my team have PC’s capable of running Solidworks. Also - the software generates an STL file, so it is certainly not “Cube-specific”. We will very likely use it to create parts on our Makerbot Printer.