Virtual KOP lists and issues

It is always cool to see what teams are getting with their VKOP vouchers.
So far we got drill bit set from Automation Direct.

Can’t seem to log in on Bimba (will try on home computer)

Also the voucher with Digi-Key is expired

Lets see your list…

Could not log in on Bibma from work or from home.
Never pressed the Digikey voucher (noticed the dates on the voucher but presumed it will work.

Using the opportunity can I ask what are the suggestions on what to get from:

  • DigiKey,
  • Inventables,
  • TE Connectivity


I believe you can’t order the Bimba cylinders until kickoff day.

From TE Connectivity, Team 3236 ordered some small locking connectors for our TalonSRX CAN cables. We haven’t installed them yet, so I’m not sure about what kind of crimper is required, but assuming you use the right tool it could help clean up your electrical system a lot. You can buy around 25 full connector sets + extra contacts with the $25 voucher. We’ll try them out in the next couple weeks and update the community on these products.

We’re planning on using this year’s TE Connectivity and Digikey vouchers for larger power connectors between our motors and motor controllers.

The nice part about buying components from TE Connectivity is that most of their catalog is offered on Digikey so you can get a free trial from your TE voucher and then use your Digikey voucher on more of the same parts if you like their product.

Disclaimer: I’ve worked for TE Connectivity, but haven’t tested any of the following part numbers for FRC:

CAN Wire Connectors:
Contact Receptacle: 794606-1
Contact Pin: 1-794608-0
Housing Plug (2): 1445022-2
Housing Receptacle (2): 1445049-2

Power Connectors:
Housing Receptacle (2): 350778-1
Housing Plug (2): 350777-1
Contact Receptacle: 640310-3*
Contact Pin: 640309-3*

*in the guide provided below TE suggests using the -6 model, which is gold plated and may be better for use in FRC. The specs appear the same for max current and voltage so I’m unsure of the difference between them other than in price.

Of course, you should also look at TE’s official recommended parts for FIRST teams:

Hope this helps

I don’t think the Bimba orders are open until kickoff.

Disclaimer: I’ve worked for TE Connectivity.

TE Connectivity offers a number of products but the most useful for FRC teams would be electrical connectors, wire, and heat-shrink.

Here are TE’s official recommendations to FIRST teams:

I also have some part numbers in mind for CAN and motor power, but I don’t want to recommend them to the whole community until I’ve installed them on a robot and have more information about them. If you’re interested in the specific numbers feel free to PM me.

The nice thing about buying TE Connectivity products is they’re also offered by Digikey. This means you can also buy samples from your TE voucher, and then buy more of the parts with your Digikey voucher if you like them.

Hope this helps, I’ll send an update in a couple weeks once I’ve tested the connectors I currently have on a robot and see how they work.

I wish we got access to more of the TE catalog as the choices aren’t bad but there are some other connectors and things that could be interesting to have access to.

You have access to more of TE’s catalog than their recommended product list. However, there are definitely parts that you can’t order with your voucher because they handle FRC ordering through their sample center. I think all of their connector catalog is available for FRC.

We ordered some smaller locking connectors to organize our CAN wires through the sample center over the summer.

Remember anything in TE’s catalog that is not available on the TE voucher should be available on Digikey.

I can’t seem to find where to put in the code to redeem our Automation Direct voucher.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Thanks, buddy! Happy Thanksgiving!