Virtual meeting and season guide - FLL and other programs

Hi all,

With the increased number of announcements that certain regions are going virtual for FLL (and with the rumored announcement that all regions will go virtual for the upcoming season), I’ve put together a Virtual Meeting Guide for FLL and other programs.

The guide talks about:

  • Effective tools to use
  • How to conduct meetings without being in the same place
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • And more

See it now at!

I didn’t categorize the post under FIRST LEGO League because I think there’s a lot of stuff in here which could be helpful to other teams/programs/people.

The idea is to keep changing this document as new information and tools become avalible. If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know!


Hey all,

Thanks to some awesome members of the community who have provided me with questions, comments, and suggestions! I’ve been doing some minor updates to the guide over the past several days and am released the first “major” update today which includes information about deprecated LEGO Digital Designer software, program storage solutions, sample judging questions in the age of COVID, and more.

Please keep the questions, comments, and thoughts coming - they’re very helpful!


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Thank you for the resources! As an FLL mentor one thing that we’ve been struggling with is whether or not we will be able to safely meet and how to best keep the students engaged. Current CDC guidelines for reopening say no to in person extracurriculars and unless things change before fall that includes us (we’re a community team, but work out of the local middle school). Especially being in NH where the majority of our season takes place before November and it becomes really difficult to see a situation where we can safely meet. That will make virtual meeting even more important, so these resources are much appreciated.

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