visibility of robot controller?

just one quick questions:

our robot’s electronics is completely enclosed by a box created out of sheetmetal. however, there is a rule in the robotics manual saying that the robot controller needs to be visible during the match. the question is how visible does the robot controller need to be? does it have to be visible from the sidelines or can it be completely enclosed and only visible at certain angles?

david zhang

it needs to be pretty visible. the referees usually want to be able to at a quick glance, check and make sure no error lights are on. during a match, it’s not an issue, but when setting up before a match, it’s kinda important. it’s also important for you to know if there’s a problem.

i believe that it needs to be visible so that the LED indicators on the RC can be easily seen, although I’m not 100% sure.

It’s quite useful for the drivers…you can tell what’s wrong sometimes without moving. Lights are nice…

Last year we had the controller mounted like 6 inches below a piece of lexan the same size as the controller with a bunch of sickers on it and it was okay.