Visio Template for Electrical Diagrams?

Is a Visio template available for drawing electrical diagrams, like the FIRST Power Distribution Diagram or Robot Connectivity Diagram?

I don’t know, but you could try tinycad

Thanks. I have several drawing tools I can use, but I was looking to avoid drawing the components like circuit breaker, PDB, Jaguars, CIMs, Side car, etc.

When I open Visio, I get some options for templates with categories. Under Electrical Engineering one of the choices is Industrial Control Systems (US Units). When I select that, it sets up several of the shape groups including Switches and Relays, Fundamental items, Terminals and Connections, etc. You should be able to grab something from there.

If you don’t see those, I’m not sure where to get them except for the Internet (under Tools - Options - Shape Search). I have another engineer who loaded Visio about the same time I did but I have tons of shape templates loaded and she has very few templates and we can’t figure out what is set differently. I kept trying to point her to valve shapes and she didn’t have them available. We’re still stumped why I have them and she doesn’t.

If you’re looking for FIRST-specific, I’m not aware of anyone who has created them.

Power Distribution Diagram

Robot Connectivity Diagram

If you click on the links the OP provided (reproduced above), it appears he is looking for drawings of the parts (see attachment), not schematic representations .




tinycad was made to draw electronic schematics, I assumed you were looking for something to draw electronic schematics.

FRC components…you’ll probably have to make yourself.

I use Visio all the time to help my dad with patent drawings. I am almost certain that there are no official templates for the FRC schematics for Visio.

I do not know if this is what you are looking for but I have made the FRC Power distribution board in Visio and added it as a component/shape thing to my library. It looks pretty similar but its not perfect. It does not have all the connection points and options perfect but I got a majority of them done.

I have attached a PDF of it.

PD Board.pdf (16.4 KB)

PD Board.pdf (16.4 KB)

Visio Technical has many electrical shapes that other versions of Visio doesn’t have. I have made simple schematics using Visio in the past and if you know how to save the shapes you should only have to make them once. I much prefer AutoCAD Electrical. It is more complicated but much more powerful and is used much more in industry. Knowing how to use it can be a large asset in a job search.

I posted the schematic I made for our robot this year as a .pdf, see below. It was made in AutoCAD Electrical as a .dwg which can be opened in Visio and converted. Let me know if the .dwg version would be helpful.

Would not Inventor coupled to Ed Sparks CAD library be what you are looking for?

Hey DuaneB, I dont know exactly whether there is a template for electrical diagrams in Visio. However, I have shared a link which has a huge collection of Visio templates. I usually get templates for Visio from there.