Vision Assistance license expired!

When I start Vision Assistance, it always complained I don’t have a valid license. So it started in trial mode. Now, it has been over 30 days, so the “trial” license has expired. Have anybody encountered this? If so, how do I fix it?


One of the install packages, presumably on the NI USB stick included tools such as Vision Assistant, cRIO imaging, camera setup. Try repairing or installing that. If you have the right version, you should actually just be able to get online and open the NI License Manager and enter in the code for NI SW.

Greg McKaskle

I think our team has the same problem as mikets mentioned. We can’t find the NI install usb thingie so I was wondering if there was a way to replace it?

I do not have access right now to the laptop we will be taking to competition. What is the right version for this year? And how do I check if we have it? If we have the right version installed how do I find the NI SW code to enter?