Vision Assistant particle report

I’m having trouble finding the particle report option in Vision Assistant. Has it been removed in this years software? If not, where can I find it?

Thanks in advance!

Fourth tab over, the monitor wit red blobs on it. Sixth item down.
You can also drop functions from the menubar – Binary, just below the line.

Greg McKaskle

Hi Greg,
I only have the “Basic Morphology” choice in both of those locations.
I’m running Vision Assistant Version 2014 with a target of NI myRIO-1950. Did I miss some installation step and get a reduced functionality version?

What happens if you do not target a myRIO?

Greg McKaskle

That fixes it! I switched it to Labview, and now I see the full menu options. I probably picked the myRIO when I installed the software, assuming that I had to pick something that matched the hardware. Bad idea I guess. :slight_smile:
Thanks for the help!