Vision Challenge

Use this for vision, I challenge you all.

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Frame rate: 30 frames per hour.

I can’t believe someone put in this much time to design a website that is a joke…

No, actually, this is impressive.

I’ll make sure to tell my team about this new amazing camera for vision. I’ll also have to get my team to buy lots of left curly braces. We used a lot of this in our code this season and I think we need some more for next season.

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The site isn’t a joke, teams get credits to get items from it during the season and it has all sorts of useful things on it. Right now it’s contents are a joke though :slight_smile:

Ah that makes much more sense.

I highly recommend checking out the FIRST Choice episodes of FUN for the past few years. New one is coming soon.

Still less latency than processing on the driver station.


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