Vision code... Broke?

We were having trouble getting our camera to work in our dashboard. We did some tweaking to it, then all of a sudden, out broke in Robot Main and we have no idea how to fix it. We deleted everything in our and rewired everything, but still did not fix the problem. We cannot connect our to anything in robot main. We are at a loss, and are not sure how to fix this. I can post pictures later if needed.

Pictures, or copy paste the error message.

Also, if you create a new project from template, with a new name, do you get an error as well?

Just to take a guess, it could be that the Vision library wasn’t fully activated when installed. In that case, open the NI License manager from the Start menu and see if the Vision Analysis is fully green. If not, reenter the code in the KOP.

Greg McKaskle

Another issue that has cropped up is that the camera address may be malformed on the PC side.
Check on the Dashboard Variables tab and it will list the camera address.

Some examples of USB camera addresses are attached:
**Image 1: **This particular address is not getting “.local” from the PC DNS suffix and won’t give a camera image on the Dashboard. This is solved by creating a custom Dashboard and editing *Send 2 PC *called from Robot to either check for and add “.local”, or just hardcode your IP address to be roboRIO-TEAM#-FRC.local"
**Image 2: **The IP address is missing all it’s normal substitutions. This is commonly solved by resetting just the roboRIO.
**Image 3: **a good camera address with the PC receiving the correct .local DNS suffix.

So you are using two cameras? You will need to set up 2 camera servers so they are not using the same port. I found that LabView breaks when there is two cameras plugged in, and it looks similar to your issue.

I used that forum to help create a new dashboard and a new camera server.

We’ve got several “vision” related licenses: “Vision Development 2016”, “Vision Runtime 2016” and “Vision Acquisition Software”. Nothing named “Vision Analysis” however.

We’ve got two USB cameras but only one is enumerating so I’m trying to come up to speed with the prior discussions…

I think we’re having the same issue you just resolved. Any chance you could give a quick tutorial that’s specific to the 2017 software?

Edit 1:
It seems like the 2017 version of Send2PC shouldn’t need any changes. The “Set Get Refnum” VI is only finding one of our cameras for some reason.

Edit 2:
Created a modified pair of Send2PC VIs, each targeting a specific Camera Refnum and specific HTTP port (1181 for Camera 1, 1182 for Camera 2). That seems to work, except now the dashboard appears to be unable to display the different streams simultaneously (the 1181 camera in the left window, the 1182 camera in the right window for example). Switching between streams works as expected, but can’t display simultaneously - getting the “Verify Camera Cable” error.

I can’t get to the driver station until tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure that it was an error in the Robot about wires not being connected correctly. I tried to redraw it the best I could, but that was the error we had.

If I’m not mistakn, I think they just deleted it out of there to get the code to build. It wouldn’t build with these errors

Also, we’re only using one camera, and its the Lifecam HD3000 USB camera