Vision code sample

Hi, we are a new team from istanbul and preparing for off-season event in Turkey. We are new on labview and learning very fast with examples.

We used vision assistant, and Imax to get images and etc. but couldn’t integrate it in autonomous with microsoft hd3000 camera. Also we tried to integrate samples from tutorials. we want to use 320x240 resolution.

Could anyone help us on this issue.

Thank you very much

I would highly recommend you to try and use GRIP instead. It’s much more user friendly than IMAX, and it’ll be easier to integrate. See here for more info: For the 2020 season software documentation has been moved to Documentation for KOP items can still be found here. | FRC KOP Documentation

Please post your code and I’ll see what’s not working. Alternatively, FIRST provides sample vision code which you can use and will work.

There is a tutorial specifically about combining vision and the robot template code. There are actually two common ways of doing this.

The first is to keep the vision code on the DS laptop and process the images sent to the dashboard program. In this case, your robot code for vision will not be much more than opening the camera and setting up basic camera settings. The vision processing code will be in the dashboard code, in the vision loop. You can use Network Tables or TCP/UDP to update the robot with results of processing.

The second is to replace a portion of the robot vision code with the processing code.

The Vision example for 2016 has a project with code for both dashboard and robot, and the tutorial describes how to do this.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks friends we will work on DS code to not use too much resource of Roborio.

If you want to know what the roboRIO CPU usage is, the Driver Station shows it on a chart. On the right side, click on the charts tab and the CPU is the red plot.

Processing images can be done in either location. Determine what type of results you will get from the image and how you will use that info to aim. It is not necessary and not optimal that you use only a camera, but use other sensors to accomplish the turning and aiming.

Greg McKaskle