Vision Code


We are a rookie team for the upcoming competition and we had a question. We know the benefits of the axis camera and everything and we looked through sample code in LabView to learn its functionality but there is still one thing we don’t know how to do.

What is the code we need to get the images from the axis camera and display them in the dashboard. we have the camera connected to power and to the crio through an ethernet cable but we dont have any code in our teleop or autonomous to provide the images from the camera. We dont want to process them for line following or anything, we just want to see the images in our dashboard… What would the code be for that? and where would you put it as well. We have looked it up, including on frcmastery, but we couldnt get anything.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

The code to read the camera image and forward it to the Dashboard is built in to the default LabVIEW robot project. You need to do three things to make it work:

  1. Configure the camera with the required user and password as directed in the How to Configure Your Camera document
  2. Connect camera power to the dedicated 5v output on the Power Distribution board
  3. Connect the camera to Ethernet Port #2 on the cRIO using a crossover cable

That’s all you should have to do.