Vision Code

Alright, so I wrote vision code 2 years ago for my team using GRIP, and I auto generated the code into C++. But, now I need a Java version of the code. I only have the auto generated code and it wont reinsert into GRIP, what do I do to translate the auto generated code?

I am dubious of anyone who says they have an “Easy button” for converting from C++ straight to Java. However, some folks do kinda claim that:

Our accuracy is the highest in the industry, but there will be significant adjustments required for all but the most trivial conversions.



I’d just re-write it in java, with the C++ version up on a separate screen for reference.

OR recreate the pipeline in GRIP and re-export?

A final option that is definitely outside my expertise area (but might be in reach of you and your team?) is to compile your C++ source into a .dll or .so for the desired target, then import and interface with it via the Java Native Interface (JNI). Buyer beware this is not a trivial exercise, especially if you haven’t done it before.

The easiest thing to do is recreate the vision pipeline in GRIP and export to Java. You can even use the generated C++ as a reference for the steps and threshold values to use.

I realized as I was familiarizing myself with my code again, what I could do, which would be easier and more practical, is just to use a kangaroo as a secondary source. Using that to process the vision code which I would have to do any ways, so there isn’t any real reason for us to convert the program. Thanks for all your help!