Vision Dashboard message that we are missing a font file.

We have our vision code working and running on the rio, but we have this annoying dashboard DRIVER STATION error being logged that the vision is missing a font file. We looked through the code, and was thinking it may be on a overlay or something, but did not see anywhere where a font file is used in the code.

Any ideas?

It does not seem to affect anything, just annoying.

No font files are explicitly defined in the code, but the default font for the overlay is Application Font, which is not on the RIO. To fix this, just disable the displays in Vision Processing’s Front Panel, and save the False values as default.

I agree, the error is very annoying.

I don’t think I’ve seen this. The images that contain text were introduced this year to try to narrow down where errors are coming from - server or camera. Can you be specific with how to get this to happen?

Greg McKaskle

You have to run as startup with Display Original or Display Mask defaulted to True. Then the obnoxious error comes.

This could be the new error stuff “WPI_CameraPrint Error To Image”, or it could be because your diagram is annotating an image on the RIO. I’m not positive, but I think it is the annotation code asking for Ariel.

So if you open the template code doing annotation, change it to Application.

Or you might ask yourself if you need to annotate the image anymore? If yes, do you want it on the RIO or on the dashboard? I’m curious about your answer.

Greg McKaskle

Typically, one doesn’t annotate the image on the RIO. If you need to annotate the image for the dashboard, you can copy the annotation SubVI into your dashboard code and send annotation info via NT.