Vision for Peg


We are looking into Vision Targeting the LED Peg in order to be able to auto place a gear on target.

We looked into LabVIEW 2017 Vision examples and we have Low Goal and LED Boiler but no examples for the Peg.

Has someone got any idea how to do this right?

Thanks in advance.

I have ideas, somewhere on a flash drive the ideas are in code. I’ll upload screenshots once I get around to it. For now, you should definitely look into the high goal examples, both the RIO and computer ones. Figure out how they work, then change Cull and, Rectangle, and Calculate to suit your needs.

That would be great if you could post some helpful tips.

I’ve already given you some tips, but here is an image you can feed into a copy of the on-computer vision example so that you can test your edits to distance and score calculation code without access to a robot. I’ll upload my code edits if you insist, but I’d hate to take away the challenge.

Test Target Image.jpg

Test Target Image.jpg

My code is in this thread: