Vision in Robot Main Not Working

So, running the support “Rectangular Object Tracking” code works perfectly. However, when I try to copy it directly over into my Robot Main project. Unfortunately, when I do that, it stops reading the camera inside the code itself. Images still show up on the Dashboard, but not inside the Vision Processing code itself. If anyone has any ideas on how to get it to work, it would be greatly appreciated.

If we copy the rest of our code into the support code, it works just fine. However, we can’t set support code to run as start-up, so I want to be able to have vision in our actual code, rather than in a temporary testing place. Thanks!
~Team 3408 Software Team

Don’t change or touch Robot

All your changes should be made in the Team Code section only.

Sorry for the miscommunication. We have been putting code into the Team Code section. I was just wondering if there was any reason why taking the vision sample code and putting it into our own code wouldn’t work.

Go to the code you want to integrate. Go to the robot main. Double click on the Vision block. “Save as” and select the hierarchy option. Save it in the code folder you are integrating it into. Open the folder you just saved which is inside of your code folder. Cut all of the files from that folder, and paste them inside the actual code folder. I’m probably not explaining this very clearly, and I can rephrase or post pictures if needed, but I really hope I answered your question.