Vision Mask on Classmate

Hello! I need some help programming either the vision processing mask or at least a camera image. I need it to be displayed on the classmate. I’m using Ni Labview to program our robot this year. If anyone can help me do this please fell free to respond. Thank you!

You can log into the camera and upload a mask, or you can make your own custom dashboard by creating one from the project templates, and in the loop on the diagram that displays the image, you can use the NI IMAQ functions to draw whatever you like.

Greg McKaskle

Thank you for responding! Quick question though. What do you mean by logging into the camera and uploading a mask?

Use a web browser to log into the camera. Type the camera IP such as The web page will then ask for an account and password such as FRC and FRC.

If the camera doesn’t have that account, it may require you to enter a password for the admin account or root account.

Greg McKaskle