Vision Photos

Any chance people already have pictures of vision targets from an on the field perspective? I know teams weren’t able to get on the field but was curious to know how visible those lines on the ground were for the robot

It depends on how you sense the target. They are reflective (retroreflective in fact) so a light source coming from near your camera will reflect very brightly from them. If you decide to use only ambient light I expect you will have a difficult time trying to sense the lines with the technologies typically used in FRC.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but the tape on the GROUND is only Scotch tape, and not retro-reflective. The retro-reflective ‘Vision Targets’ are located around the ports/hatches.


That is correct.

Gaffer tape, but you’re right. Not retro-reflective.


Is there a set of sample images available for vision testing?

Sample vision images were just posted to the WPILib release page on GitHub:

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Thank you!