Vision problems and FIRST members

So our team is sitting here and started to wonder how many people in FIRST wear prescription glasses or contacts. On our team, over half of the members are vision impared. I have set up a simple poll to conduct our super scientific study. Vote away.

i have glasses, and i only wear them during class because I’m near sighted. I usually do not wear them. I want to get contacts, but my parents wont let me!

I don’t wear glasses…but I don’t really have perfect vision either. I have keratoconus in my right eye (cone-like cornea), which causes it to have something like 35-20 vision, plus I see double out of it. So, I don’t really fit into either category. :ahh:

20-20 over here.

But… then again, I usually do have at least one eye twitching during build season… But… I don’t think that’s anything to be too concerned about.

What do you think?

I can barely see with out my glasses…its pitiful.

Right eye: 20/20
Left eye: 20/40, -0.25 slight astigmatism

…So I don’t wear glasses since my right eye can make up for the left eye but it’s a great strain. Light bubbles start dancing in my eyes if I look faraway for long enough time. I’ll be getting a pair of glasses before the Regional competitions start this year, though. Meganekko!

Glasses, don’t want to get contacts, I don’t like to be poking or sticking things in my eyes.

I’m 20/20, but if it makes any of you glasses wearers feel better I used to wish that I had worse vision so I could wear big glasses and look nerdier. :cool:

As an interesting comparison, 71% of the adult American population uses glasses or contacts. More than I thought…

The poll does not have my option!

I’ve had glasses since the eight grade. I wore them a few days after receiving them, but they have been in the case since then. I just choose to go without them even though some objects in the distance may be bit fuzzy.

I did pass my drivers license eye examination a few years ago, so apparently I can see good enough to drive without them. :wink:

woot go 20/20 lol

do you squint to see well? thats not a good thing, people will subconsciously think you are sneering at them.

If your glasses gave you a headache, or caused eyestrain after a few days, you may have been straining your eyes while they were being checked (something that many people do). When you get your eyes checked you have to relax your eyes while the Dr is doing the “A or B” exam.

I did not get glasses till I was in college, and could not read the blackboard from the back of big lecture halls. Once I got them I wished I had gotten them sooner. The world looks better when its sharp and clear (well… most of it does :^)

and if you dont like wearing glasses I got contacts about a year ago. I love them (and will never go back to glasses)