Vision Processing Camera

This year we used the standard Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000 camera. We didn’t end up implementing visual processing with it, but we are planning to try it as an off-season project.

I was wondering, is this pretty much the best/standard camera for visual processing, or should we consider buying a better one? If the latter is true, what should we consider buying?

Check out this thread for various examples of what people used for vision this year.

We use a Logitech c930e for its 90 degree field of view. Exposure is also adjustable via NI vision.

I’ve been pondering the same question. We used the HD-3000 for vision processing, but we had a terrible time changing its exposure settings.

Can someone recommend and inexpensive webcam that supports software exposure control, and particularly turning off auto-exposure?

Can anyone tell me if the Logitech C270 allows software exposure control?

See here (thanks to Greg McKaskle) on exposure control of the MS HD-3000.

The best camera I’ve found to date is the Axis M1011. I haven’t played with the M1013. I’m still working on the MS HD-3000. Short version is, it’s whichever one you can control the most easily. I know enough about the Axis M1011 to lock down all the settings I need to in about 5 minutes through the web interface. i’m still writing custom code to properly control the MS HD3000 and control its settings.

My team uses one of the axis cameras, not sure exactly which one. I have heard from other teams that the pixycam is really good and easy to use, once you get the hang of the software behind it.