Vision Processing Performance vi

There is a vi that I haven’t seen before. The vi came from the NI Examples Finder 2019. I am assuming that it also deals with the vision processing vi. Can anyone please explain and or elaborate more on this vi? The vi is called:
Vision Processing Performance vi.
The vi was found under vision in the 2019 Vision Example.

The Vision Processing (located under the Team Code folder in the 2019 Vision Example project) allows you to discover how the camera properties affect the speed and other qualities of the image. In other words, how modifying settings such as the image size, frame rate and white balance affect how fast your vision process can run.

If you look closely at the front panel, you will see a Loop Time (ms) and Frames per Second indicators, which tell you how fast is the image processing loop able to run at the settings you specify.

You can also use this example to see which settings does your camera remember between reboots of the roboRIO, as the VI will first read the initial settings before writing the ones you request.

I hope you find these tools useful for developing your vision process with LabVIEW and the NI roboRIO!