Vision Processing VI Problem

Well, I’m not going to ask about tracking. I have simply been opening a new cRIO project and while it is configuring it pops up a message about some Vision subVI that i don’t have permission to use. I don’t have the specific computer available at this moment, so I don’t have the exact message. I can still configure the project, but in robot main, it says the Vision VI is not executable. I have tried other computers and they configure and don’t open with any errors. I have a feeling that it might be something that happened during installation, but I am not absolutely sure. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what might have happened and/or a way to fix it?

I have installed LabVIEW and it’s various FRC Updates on six laptops we use for our LabVIEW class, the laptop we use for our driver station, two laptops of my own and several students laptops. When a message like that pops up, it’s often some piece of the programming system (LabVIEW is far from ‘a’ program, it’s a large number of small programs working together) that didn’t get installed correctly, or has become corrupted.

Usually, a reinstall fixes it. I can hear you groaning, but fortunately, a reinstall usually goes fast, as the installer is smart enough to skip over the parts that are already there and only does the missing pieces.

Sometimes, the message gives you a clue about where the missing piece comes from and you can go straight to say, the FRC LabVIEW Updates. Otherwise start with the main LabVIEW and then go through the update installs. This type of error is usually not the Utilities or Driver Station Updates.

I have been carrying the updates as well as an ISO image of the LabVIEW disk on a thumb drive and it comes in handy when fixing these sort of problems.

It sounds a bit like IMAQ, or NI-Vision is its other name, may not have been activated. You can do this in the Start>>National Instruments>>NI License Manager. You may need to contact NI support in order to complete this, as I find it pretty confusing to use.

The other option is that you don’t have the newest version, in which case the solution is to install it from the DVD. Hopefully the dialog will give you an idea of which is more likely the problem.

Greg McKaskle

I do have the newest version. I will reinstall labview on that computer when I get the chance. Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the replies, we got Labview reinstalled on that computer and now everything is fine.

I had this problem, too. I thought I had activated everything during the install but I guess not. Activating through NI License Manager fixed it.

Thanks Greg