Vision Processing with OM5P-AN

Just curious, how are teams supposed to test vision processing with an axis (or other IP camera) when at competitions, all OM5P-AN radios are flashed to turn the wifi off? In order to test and deploy code we have to tether with an ethernet cord and the radios this year only have 2 ethernet port slots, where 1 would be dedicated for the rio and the other for the IP camera/tether. How are we supposed to test vision processing with an IP camera if we also have to tether to the radio?

I am 93.675% sure you can Tether to the robot over USB-B

You can, but you can only communicate with the robot. You’ll need to bring a small ethernet hub/switch to use for tethered testing, if you need to connect to your camera.

Consider one of these. You could even permanently mount it to the robot and wire it to your VRM to make tethering quicker and easier.

One downside of that approach is that your Axis would have to plug into the switch, and the switch into the radio, adding an extra connection to work loose when you get rammed. Cable ties are your friends!

USB tethering can still work, if the vision processing is being done on the roboRIO and you don’t need the images on the Driver Station. If you’re using LabVIEW, you can watch the vision processing at work on the vi front panel.

We have a D-Link GO-SW-5G 5-port Gigabit Switch mounted on our robot. It’s tiny and takes up very little extra space, especially the way we’ve configured things (see photo) :smiley:

We use it to connect our Raspberry Pi 2 and IP camera to the second port on the OM5P-AN. We also use it for tethering the laptop at competition.