Vision Processing with RoboRealm

Hello, I am a programmer for team 219 and we are having some trouble using roborealm. We are able to get the usb webcam feed on the smart dashboard, however, we are unable to get the usb webcam feed into the roborealm software itself. We are using the FRC CameraClient module in roborealm to get the feed into the software, connecting to our roborio, and using port 1180 (the port usb webcam gets) and nothing happens. It connects to it but it says it is recording 0 frames. I have a feeling that its a problem with the port or something because when I try to connect to the web address roborio-219-frc.local:1180, it is permanently stuck in the phase of “Connecting to roborio-219-frc.local:1180”

Could use some feedback if you have gotten it to work properly with the Microsoft Lifecam HD-3000