Vision Recognition using IR LEDs

I would like to know if anyone has considered or demonstrated IR LEDs light for illuminating the retroreflective targets and having a camera and software that could filter for that level in the spectrum. Say 850 to 940 nm? I know an IR sensor can be enhanced with the use of retroreflective tape, so what is the downside to a camera system. The intent would be a safer tracking option.
Comments welcomed.

I believe 488 has, though I don’t remember how they did it

There’s discussions of some of the pros and cons of IR LEDs in these threads:

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Thank you for these leads.

We use IR LEDs with a ps3 eye camera hooked up to a windows pc running labview vision (intel nuk or tablet we’ve used). The camera (like most) has an IR filter in it so if you want to use IR leds you need to disassemble it and remove the IR filter. That messes with the focus so requires further modification if you care to get it in focus. We then put an IR pass filter on it to block out the ambient light which gives us a pretty good target to run the actual vision processing against. It does still require some processing as it will still pick things up like reflections or other lights that emit IR. We get over 100 fps at very low latency doing this method. We actually use it for real time navigation.


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