Vision related things

Hello everyone, first things first, what is the general consensus on the the best led to use to track retro reflective targets? from my understanding, green is the best because, if i think about it, the 2 most common colors would be red and blue, as thats the 2 alliance colours, so logic tells me that it would be green, is this right? maybe a specific hue? i dont know, love to hear what you all think though!

We have used the green ring lights almost exclusively for as long as I can remember. Green is a very commonly used and proven color for FRC. I have heard of teams using purple though.

The color shouldnt really matter that much, I mean we use blue and we originally had green LEDs. There was no real reason we switched colors,however the green leds are far more common. The only thing with the blue leds(and probably red too) were when we went to do vision calibration we got the castle lights in our image but through code I was able to remove them for vision tracking. You can see them on our bot:

Our team uses IR to track the targets. We use a IR camera, you can make one by removing the IR filter and putting a light filter in place of it, and just have IR leds. It gives use a black and white image but makes it so we see just the targets, but lights are a problem but we’ve fixed that at competition.