Vision Tetra Placement?

I was just wondering about when the two vision tetras will be placed on the field. Will it be before the robots are placed or will it be the second before autonomous period starts? I looked around the forums and could not find an answer. The reason I am asking is because this will determine whether our robot should scan for a tetra at the beginning of AI or not. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

To my knowledge, the Vision Tetras will be placed on the field before Auto. Mode. That’s why you can put scanners on your robot to ID them during the Auto. Period.

To my knowledge, the vision tetras will not be placed until the robots have been placed, though I can not find where it says that right now.

I believe they are placed after the robots are placed so that teams can not place the robot based on where the vision tetras are located.

The vision tetras are placed on the field after the robots are positioned, but before the start of the autonomous period. See Rule <G05>:

<G05> The VISION TETRAS will be placed on the field by field attendants after the ROBOTS have been positioned. The locations of the VISION TETRAS will be determined by random selection from a set of 8 possible starting locations (as identified on the “2005 Field Lines and Layout” drawing). ROBOTS may not be repositioned or manipulated in any manner after the VISION TETRAS have been placed on the field.