Vision Tracking with the AXIS M1013 Camera

We are using the AXIS M1013 Camera this year. I was looking at the difference between the cameras and the lenses are different. I tested out the vision tracking on a 50% scale model and the distant is not accurate. Is there something I have to adjust for this new camera?


Ok I can’t figure out how to change it.

I believe the distance calculation is the only place the angle is used. You can either update the enum and array and set the correct value, or you can delete the wires that index the array and simply wire in your robot’s angle.

Greg McKaskle

The distance is the only thing off and I would like to get it correct. I can’t figure out how to change the camera angle. I have looked at the and haven’t found where to change it.

The attached image shows how to ignore the array and selector and hard-wire your camera lens angle. I didn’t check the number BTW, so use the right angle in place of the 67. Note that the numbers used by the example are just a bit different than what the camera mfgr published. These were determined with a calibration routine.

Greg McKaskle

Thanks that worked. I found the right number to be 62.